Thursday, January 26, 2023

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January 26, 2023

Winter Escape Options at Our Church

With a few winter months ahead of us just wanted to mention all the resources available at church to wile away some hours until spring arrives or any time.

We recently were gifted by a generous donor, who uses our facility, about 50 jigsaw puzzles!! They are located presently in the Family Life Center plus additional puzzles are in the hall by the office.

In that same area are an amazing variety of DVD’s from Sally Dobrunz collection.

Our main library in the Family Life Center has many choices and by Pastor’s office are 3 loaded shelves called “The Swap Library” that also has a huge selection.

Enjoy a book or DVD - all we ask is that you return the item to it’s proper location. 

Also, don’t forget to check the church calendar for pickle ball and darts - great coed activities!


Tender Loving Care

It’s time to freshen up our TLC list and are looking for those who want to continue to participate or join us anew in this ministry to our church family.

Please fill out the flyer in your mailbox detailing all the opportunities to serve members - choose 1 or more and return to Carol Froesel’s mailbox. Men & women are invited to participate. Call Carol if you'd like more information (314-822-1365)


Article by Joel Hempel

Fish with What You Have

When I was ten, my older brother Bill talked me into entering the Stark County Youth Fishing

Fair in Ohio. At seventeen, he was already an accomplished fisherman. I had no interest in

fishing. But, trusting my big brother, I let him sign me up.

The rules for this fishing contest were simple: Use only a bamboo fishing pole and worms as

bait. Standing around Crystal Park Pond with poles in hand were a couple hundred kids. At the

sound of the horn, the fishing began. No sooner did my bobber hit the water when it was yanked

downward by some mysterious force. Not knowing what was happening, I stood there!

“Pull up!” My brother commanded.

“What?” I didn’t know what he meant.

Before I could figure out what was happening, Bill’s hands grasped mine, and with a sudden

jerk, we (with only my hands touching the pole and his hands gripping mine), “I” caught a

thirteen-and-a-half-inch Yellow Bullhead Catfish. After instructing me on how to take the fish

off the hook and place it onto the stringer, I carried it down to the judge’s tent. And how did I

do? Well, you are welcome to come over and see my second-place prize, a tacklebox minus the

tackle I now use for tools.

A couple of years ago, I taught a class called “This is My Faith Story.” The course intended to

prepare the class to “fish for people,” or as St Peter put it, to “. . . always be prepared to give an

answer to anyone who asks about the hope that is in you . . .” (1 Peter 3:15). Although I was the

teacher, I was also a student with my fellow Glendalians. What did I learn? Well, just like I can’t

fish for fish like my brother, when it comes to fishing for people, I am no Scott Jonas!

I think it is absolutely wonderful that as Pastor Scott is fishing in the rehab pond (as he put it), he

is so naturally outgoing and friendly that he knows the names of a dozen therapists and thirty

fellow patients, and looks for ways to be and share the Gospel! Even though his left side is not

yet what he and his therapists are working towards, he is ministering with what he has. I don’t

know what I admire more, his outgoing nature, attitude, or courage. I’m just pleased he is who he

is. And my guess is he would say the same about each of us.

When fishing for people, God does not call us to be Scott Jonas. He needs us to be the gifted

persons we are, to fish with what we have, and to trust he is working through us as we care for

others in the name and with the love of Jesus.

Pastor Scott is right; we can trust the Holy Spirit to do the work of evangelizing as we pray for

opportunities to offer a gentle and respectful Gospel testimony.

Finance Update

Next Sunday's Bible Readings

Isaiah 58:3-9a; 1 Corinthians 2:1-16; Matthew 5:13-20

Worship Leaders

This Sunday - 1/29

Lector: Stephanie Chapa

Communion: John Steele

Greeters: Ron & Carol Froesel

S/V: Ken Clark

Ushers: Jeanne Lipinski, Jonathan Chapa, Tony Petzoldt

Children's Message: Tim Cosby

Next Sunday - 2/5

Lector: Sue Schultz

Communion: Mike Toney

Greeters: Mike & Lisa Grossenheider

S/V: Tony Petzoldt

Ushers: Ken Clark, Gerry Lucas, Derek Don

Children's Message: Stephanie Chapa

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