Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Glimpses of Glendale
Glendale Lutheran Church Newsletter
June 30, 2022
Last Sunday, we gathered in the Family Life Center after worship for a voters meeting. President Andy Ryan shared the financial state of Glendale Lutheran. Then he asked for any questions about the budget that was given out two weeks ago. We voted to pass the proposed budget.

There is a high level of trust between our members and the leadership. This has been earned over many years. Our council, Andy Ryan, Mike Murphy (Vice President), James Sowers (Treasurer), Lisa Grossenheider (Secretary), John Lee, Lauren Mistler, and Michael Barbercheck, work hard to make wise decisions on behalf of our congregation. Jerry Nicholas our volunteer business manager keeps the council apprised of all things property. Our Elders, Mike Toney, John Steele and Jason DeBord give the council their input on our spiritual direction as do I.

I am very grateful to our leaders for their dedication and devotion to Christ. I am also thankful that our members ask good questions and believe that those who prepare the budget have the good of The Lord’s church in mind. We are very blessed to be here.
Daily Bible Reading
It's a Mystery - article by Joel Hempel

Most people like a good mystery, a “who done it?” But in the text from this past Sunday’s sermon, Revelation 20:1-6, we know who done it. Satan done it. Satan is the originator of evil, the author of lies, and the grand deceiver. Whatever name you want to call him, he is trouble! When it comes to evil, there is no mystery. Evil and its byproduct, sin, will make a mess of things. 

The real mystery is why Satan still has so much power and influence. And that, my friends, remains a mystery within the mind of God. But his power is limited. The Devil can do only what God will let him do (see Job 2:1-6; Matthew 4:1). As Pastor Scott preached, “God is in control! The Devil is not.”  

When Jesus took upon himself the sins of humankind, died on the cross, descended into hell, confronted the Evil One, and when our Lord rose from the grave victorious over death, humankind was not only given hope in this life and for the next, we were also given the ability to withstand Satan’s attacks and even defeat him.  

The way most of us experience Satan is when we are tempted. Decades ago there was a book entitled, The Games People Play by Eric Berne. One game Berne described is important for Christians to remember and guard against. The “game” is called Gold Stamps and Brown Stamps. Many people reading this article will remember Green Stamps. We would get these at grocery stores and other retailers. When we filled up a stamp book, we would be rewarded with free merchandise or groceries. 

Make-believe gold and brown stamps work similarly. People “earn” brown stamps by enduring problems during the day, and gold stamps by achieving success. With imaginary gold or brown stamps in hand, people would convince themselves they had a right to indulge in destructive but pleasant behavior. This game continues today. And the primary pusher of brown and gold stamps is Satan. 

In all of his many disguises, Satan seeks to lure us away from The Way of Jesus. But the Gospel of Christ will ALWAYS defeat the Evil One: “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability [to resist], but with temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it (1 Corinthians 10:13).” And when we fail and give into Satan’s deceitful lures, Jesus forgives us, and empowers us to triumph over Satan’s efforts to make us despair (Acts 26:18). 

There is no mystery about our Lord’s mercy. It is real, concrete, and enduring. 
Lutheran Foundation Playground Grant

The Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis has agreed to provide a $50,000 challenge matching grant toward the playground improvements the congregation approved. As part of the grant process, the Lutheran Foundation will match any individual member gifts up to $5,000 per gift until the $50,000 grant total is met. By way of example, if we have 10 members contribute $5,000 each, the Lutheran Foundation will match the entire $50,000. Please note this matching provision does not apply to the bequest funds the congregation has dedicated toward the playground. Congregation members can contribute toward the playground fund any time before August 1, 2022, which is the deadline the Lutheran Foundation has set for contributions it will match up to $5,000 per donor toward the $50,000 total.

Additional information on the Lutheran Fund matching grant can be found on the bulletin board in the atrium. You can also reach out to Kelly Climer if you have any additional questions on the grant.
Offerings vs. Budget Update
Next Sunday's Bible Readings
Leviticus 19:9-18; Colossians 1:1-14; Luke 10:25-37
Worship Leaders
This Sunday - 7/3
Lector: Steve Phelps
Communion: Tony Petzoldt
Greeters: Paul & Sandy Barbercheck
S/V: Ken Clark
Ushers: Terry Buchholz, Derek Don, Jonathan Chapa
Children's Message: Pastor Scott
Next Sunday - 7/10
Lector: Kelly Climer
Communion: N/A
Greeters: Jack & Norma Bentzinger
S/V: Paul Barbercheck
Ushers: Lisa Grossenheider, Jeanne Lipinski, Becci Sasser
Children's Message: Tim Cosby
The Word Within the Word