Pastor Scott's Message

The Men’s Bible Study is back on Monday mornings from 7:30-8:30am. Our study is from the Lutheran Hour Ministries entitles, “The Bible on Trial: Beyond Reasonable doubt.” Last Monday we looked at answering the critics of the Bible. We need to learn how reliable and trustworthy the Bible is for two reasons. The first is that it solidifies our faith. Secondly, it is a defense of the faith that can help those who don’t believe yet.  

We learned that the Bible is the most trustworthy manuscript of all ancient literature. We only have a few copies of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. And those copies that do exist were transcribed over a 1,000 years after the author lived. But museums and churches possess hundreds of ancient biblical documents that were transcribed within a few generations of the disciples. People worry about transcription errors but the process of copying the Bible was so exact that there are very few variances between ancient biblical documents. The New Testament was written by eye witnesses like Matthew, Mark and John. Luke came later to work with the disciples but he interviewed them for his book just like modern day investigative reporters. Critics look for contradictions in scripture but there are real answers that reveal seeming contradictions to be something else. People can reject the Bible for many reasons but we can look at the evidence and see that it is a reliable book that accurately describes people places and events.

Our next sessions are 2. Hard Evidence from the Ancient World, 3. Archaeology's contribution and 4. Eye witness testimony. If you love learning new facts about the Bible that will strengthen your faith then this is the study for you. If you already wholeheartedly have faith in scripture but you want to be able to convince someone else about its trustworthiness then it is for you as well. The Men’s Bible study is also a great way for men to grow in their friendships. There is no better way to start off your week right. Thank you to Ron Froesel, Paul Schultz, John Steele, Ken Kight, Roger Lubben, Tony Petzoldt, Rod Nobis, Steve Phelps, Bob Jacobson, Joel Hempel for being regulars.