Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Glimpses of Glendale
Glendale Lutheran Church Newsletter
August 6, 2020
The Deacons are back. Joel Hempel came to me a while back and requested the opportunity to do some ministry training at Glendale. I’m always for our members using their gifts to bless others so I said, “Of course.” Joel has been a pastor in inner city Cincinnati, a supervisor of pastors and other church professionals in clinical settings, and is a longtime member of our congregation. He has this vast wisdom about ministering to people. Every congregation can use more of that.

The Deacon program began under Pastor Albers. Members were trained to connect with fellow members. Though the program lost leadership due to pastoral turnover, many of the deacons are still among us. Some of them still take their duties seriously and have continued their mission to listen to the hurting, encourage the discouraged and keep the body of Christ healthy. They follow in Stephen’s footsteps, the first deacon. He helped the widows among the early church and became so effective that he was targeted by the enemies of Christ. His legacy continues today.

In church this Sunday, Joel is going to announce a renewing of the Deacon program. For those who have served in this role we thank and salute you. For those who are interested in continuing in this role, we’d love to have you back. For those who have never done it but are willing to be trained, join us. The church must continually allow God to renew his people. The Deacon program is a part of that good work.
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Deacons' Ministry Renewed
A new opportunity for training and serving will be offered here at GLC starting with an all-day retreat September 12th. The Deacons’ Ministry is being renewed with both front-loaded training as well as ongoing training.

In the past under the direction of Pastor Emeritus Albers and Bill Lubben, more than 20 people served faithfully, with some continuing to offer support and friendship to the people under their care.

This new ministry will begin with no more than eight people who (a) have a compassionate heart toward others, (b) are willing to commit to the training for one year, and (c) will make a decision at the end of the training if they want to continue serving as commissioned, congregational deacons.

For those who want to hear more details, please contact Joel Hempel (trainer and coordinator) and/or attend an introduction to the training/ministry at Bible class on Sunday, August 16.

A signup sheet for deacons’ training/ministry along with a brief description is posted on the kiosk.
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Next Sunday's Bible Readings
Job 38:4-18; Romans 10:5-17; Matthew 14:22-33
Worship Leaders 8/9
Lector: Marcia Hempel
Communion: John Steele
S/V: Mike Toney
Bible Class S/V: Jerry Nicolaus
Usher: Mike Toney
Worship Leaders 8/16
Lector: Steve Phelps
Communion: Mike Toney
S/V: Tony Petzoldt
Bible Class S/V: Tony Petzoldt
Usher: Ken Clark
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